We are a news website that focuses on news events on drug and alcohol incidents. These incidents include criminal activities. These events also involve incidents that have seriously injured people or have resulted in fatalities. We post these news articles in an effort to generate awareness of the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Almost every day, an incident involving these substances result in either injury or death. Unfortunately, these become statistics that we will learn about in the future. It is our mission to ensure that you do not become one in the future.

Being directly involved in a drug or alcohol-related incident is the last thing you want to be in. You could end up facing serious consequences like jail time or pay thousands of dollars in fines. Or worse, you may end up being a victim of an incident where drugs or alcohol is a factor. However, some events do happen outside of your control. And some do. Your job is to prevent the latter. If you happen to find yourself in a drug or alcohol related situation, you may be in potential danger. Use your instincts and extract yourself if you believe that you’re in danger. Also, if you or anyone you may know that is struggling with a drug or alcohol issues, do not be afraid to find the help you need.