Law enforcement in Alexandria, Minnesota busted up a $4 million marijuana supply. This lead to the arrest of two men. State Troopers made a traffic stop on Interstate 94 of a vehicle operated by a man out of Montana. A police dog alerted the officers after honing in on a smell that was later revealed to be marijuana. About 900 pounds of marijuana was found in the vehicle. Also found was an undisclosed amount of THC concentrate that was stored in a camper.

The two men arrested were identified as Alexander Clifford Gordon and Jared Michael Desroches. Both men are residents of Montana. Douglas County District Attorney Chad Larson stated that the two were traveling westbound on Interstate 94. The Minnesota State Police estimated that the street value of the marijuana was estimated to be around $4.25 million. Bail for both men was set at $150,000 each for unconditional release. Larson declined to comment any further on the case due to the pendency of the case.

Depending on the amount of marijuana found, there are penalties for possession and sale in Minnesota. In this case, in particular, 990 pounds is equal to approximately 449 kilos of marijuana. This is considered a first-degree felony in the state of Minnesota. Penalties for first-degree drug charges include a penalty of 86 to 158 months in prison. If a person is convicted of a drug offense, a minimum sentence of 4 years will be given. Other penalties include of fines that can range up to $1 million. Marijuana possession and sale offenses range from first to fifth degrees. The higher amounts of marijuana is possessed, the higher the degree. In turn, this also means stiffer punishments in the state of Minnesota.