Philadelphia has broken a new record in recent days. The police department managed to make a huge bust worth around $1.1 billion of cocaine. It’s great that these drugs will be off of the street, but it is still sad that there need to be busts this huge at all to protect the citizens of Philadelphia.

35,000 Lbs of Drugs

More than 35,000 pounds of cocaine were seized in the wild drug bust today, which is a huge victory for everyone involved to help keep these drugs from addicts who would abuse them dangerously.

If each of the bricks of cocaine was placed next to each other, they would end up taking up over two and a half miles of space. That’s a ridiculous amount of cocaine to find all at once so you can see how it would be really breaking records for the most significant amount seized in one bust.

The cocaine was found in containers on a cargo ship owned by the Swiss firm MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co. This shipping company is actually one of the largest ones in the world, so it is surprising that they would be caught carrying so much illegal content.

Drug Trafficking

There wasn’t necessarily a strict search for the drugs at the time, just a routine inspection. They noticed a few things that drew their attention, which ended up leading to the discovery of the illicit drugs.

The police department is dedicated to eradicating cocaine from the streets and all drug trafficking into our beloved country. That’s good because too many drugs make their way onto the streets to fuel addiction.

When it comes to drugs they are a huge money maker for the people who sell them, and they don’t care what happens to their customers. That’s why drug dealers are the scum of the earth because they are willing to kill the people they sell too since then know that they can end up overdosing too easily.

Crack cocaine deaths are honestly through the roof because cocaine is a very addictive drug and can cause an overdose all too easily.

Cocaine addiction starts from as early as the first use. Cocaine can be taken in a powdered form and be snorted or taken in a crystallized form that you melt and inhale the fumes of. It’s one of the cheaper drugs that are available for people to purchase and pretty easy to find everywhere.

Since cocaine addiction has been running rampant in recent years, it isn’t surprising for a drug bust to happen, it’s just surprising that it is one of such magnitude.

The treatment of cocaine addiction can be a long and hard process because cocaine is such a powerful drug, and the withdrawal symptoms are excruciating. When someone becomes addicted to a substance like cocaine, it takes over their whole lives. Drugs are very harmful to their bodies over time, and when you become addicted to a substance, you grow tolerant.

As you grow tolerant to the drugs, you need more of it to feel the high that you were seeking. When that occurs, you can easily end up taking too much of the drug and causing an overdose, which can lead to death.

By capturing these drugs, the Philadelphia police have made sure that a few more people are safe from developing an addiction to cocaine or suffering from a fatal overdose.

United States Largest Drug Bust Ever
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