A suspect in a December drug bust in Louisiana was taken into custody at a Home Depot parking lot last Friday. Police arrested 41-year-old Aaron Adcock of Oak Grove. Also arrested was 35-year-old Timothy O’Neal, also of Oak Grove. O’Neal will face charges of harboring a fugitive from justice. The arrest report for O’Neal stated that Metro Narcotics received a tip about Adcock. Adcock was sitting in a vehicle in the Home Depot parking lot. Police later determined that Adcock was staying at O’Neal’s house.

Police found four Alprazolam tablets and four oxycodone tablets in O’Neal’s pocket. Large sums of money and Glock semi-automatic pistol were seized from the vehicle. O’Neal was charged with possession of a schedule IV controlled dangerous substance. He was also charged with other controlled substance charges and harboring a fugitive.

Adcock was charged for numerous counts possession of a controlled substance. He was also charged for carrying illegal weapons as well as resisting arrest.

Adcock was named a prime suspect after a December drug bust occurred in December. Police in Monroe, Louisiana found a cache of weapons and marijuana at a residence owned by Adcock. Police issued a search warrant upon receiving a tip from Crime Stoppers of North Delta. The tip stated that large shipments of marijuana were found at a home on the 200 blocks of Foster Street. Adcock fled the scene prior to police entering the premises. Witnesses saw Adcock flee through the neighborhood. Police seized numerous weapons. They included AR-15s, shotguns, and over 3,000 rounds of ammunition. More than 138 pounds of marijuana was also seized from the property. The marijuana was found in heat-sealed packaged scattered throughout the home. A 20-year-old female was arrested in the initial burst.

Drug Bust Fugitive Arrested In Louisiana
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