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Denny’s Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey

Enjoy 24/7 Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Denny’s Restaurants? Take Denny’s listens customer satisfaction survey and tell them your favorite food and services. Denny’s values your feedback and appreciate your participation. Upon completion, you will get a validation code to redeem for your next visit.

Denny’s Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Denny’s listens guest satisfaction survey page and choose your language
  • Enter the survey code on your receipt

 Denny's Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Rate your satisfaction with the overall experience, like the speed of coffee refiils, the temperature of your food by answering some easy questions

 Denny's Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey

  • Upon completion of the survey you will get a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer printed on your receipt

 Denny's Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey

About Denny’s
Denny’s is a full-service pancake house/coffee shop/fast casual family restaurant chain. Denny’s is known for always being open, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert around the clock. Unlike many other restaurant chains, Denny’s does not close on holidays or nights, except when required by law.

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  1. Denny’s Listens Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: dennyslistens.com
  2. Denny’s Official Site: dennys.com

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  1. Rated 1

    This morning I went to Denny’s at 2526 San Pablo, SanPablo, Ca. 94806 for my free Birthday breakfast. The waitress was great, food very good. Upon paying validating my ID for date of birth the cashier was really looking at my ID. I ask her what’s wrong? She says “Are you sure this is you” I say “Yes it’s me do you like it” No response…I ask her what no response? Still no response from her. Paid for my coffee and gave tip to the waitress. Upon leaving I said to the Cashier “I feel insulted” Still no response from her.
    I thought that was really rude and uncalled for!! I told the cashier I just got my hair and you can’t tell it’s me I have the same glasses as the picture…Still no response…No apologies, no nothing.
    Very disappointed especially when I go there all the time…Which today I believe will be my last!

  2. Rated 1

    Me my husband and our two children came into your Denny’s in Cullman,Alabama this morning. We were sat at a table by a older lady.
    We sat there for about 10 min. Before asking this waiter to help us. He was great Daniel was his name. After we got our food and was eating I overheard a female waitress cursing at Daniel. For taking her table. This waitress was very loud and using foul language. I hope Daniel dose not get into any trouble for taking care of us. We asked him to help us and had a very pleasant experience besides having to hear the foul language coming from a person who is supposed to be a representative of Denny’s.
    Please feel free to contact me

  3. Rated 5

    Yesterday, I ate breakfast at the Denny’s restaurant on Main Street in Barstow, California. Everything was excellent! Based on previous visits, I requested to be seated at one of Ms. Monyca’s tables. The food (T-bone Steak breakfast) was cooked just right and the service was (of course) outstanding. Ms. Monyca is a “five-star server.” Although I get to Barstow only infrequently, it’s always a pleasure to visit the Denny’s on Main Street and say hello to her again.

  4. Rated 2

    service good, food, not so much, I had the lumberjack breakfast meat and potatoes barely warm, rye toast not toasted, warm bread. wife had American slam, same deal. Very disappointing foe a $32 breakfast. Chicopee,Ma location 10am weds 1-10-18 Rating 2 out of 5

  5. Rated 4

    Ashley Fuller greeted me when I walked in the door immediately asked if I would like a dream I want to get in the soft drink when I want it water is great to have someone actually asked you because you never really know until they do I wound up getting the cranberry orange pancakes with the jalapeño bacon I will return again

  6. Rated 5

    Angela recommended the ultimate omelette and it was full of flavor and she was always on time when it came to my coffee refill

  7. Rated 5

    Had A great experience Sandra was very attentive my build your own was very delicious eggs cooked to perfection

  8. Rated 1

    Had breakfast last week at the dennys located at Gilbert and Germainn in Chandler AZ. I was appalled at the lack of quality, poor service and the exorbantant price for food that wasnt worth 2.00 much less than the shocking 22.49 that was charged. The coffee was just warm, the 3 eggs I ordered must have been robins eggs as they were the smallest I have ever seen. Barely more than 3 fork full. I had to repeatedly ask the waitress for hot coffee. The bacon while asked to be extra crispy was rubbery and uncooked, had to send it back. You at corporate headquarters really need to get the hell off your asses and visit these dives and readjust your pricing. Will not go back, and this is not my first experience with lousey food at these places.
    Harry Booth

  9. Rated 5

    Love the new place!! Real friendly staff and good food!#9278

  10. Rated 5

    Love the new place!! Real friendly staff and good food

  11. Rated 4

    Good service and food

  12. Rated 1

    Dennys #8548 at 3716 Parkway pigeon forge tn. 37863.Not satisfied with the service. Had to wait 40 minutes. Food was stale. Had to ask for spoon and forks and napkins. Ready to leave, went to restroom and they looked like they haven’t been cleaned in a week. Would not recommend because of these problems.

  13. Rated 4

    Good food and Good service.

  14. Rated 4

    Hood food and hood service.

  15. Rated 1

    This Denny’s was the worst dining experience I’ve ever had. The waitress had no idea what our order came with which wasn’t a big deal because we helped her through it. Then we waited almost an hour before our food came out. When the food did finally come out, she had all the wrong sides and it literally looked like it was microwaved. The mashed potatoes came out with what looked like three pounds of cheese microwaved and half melted. There was hair in my talapia. We asked for the right sides and the waitress didn’t even acknowledge it, just turned and left. We just politely put the wrong sides on the next table over. Then to top it all off, the cashier argued when we asked for a receipt. Not to mention the immense amount of grey water bubbling up from the drain outside. Most likely due to poor management.

  16. Rated 1

    Service not impressive. Little to no refills. Took quite a while to have someone take our order. Didn’t get our toast until the meal was almost done. Two waitresses said the toast had been sitting on the counter. They actually brought it out which was very cold and hard.

  17. Rated 5

    Great experience

  18. Rated 5

    La atencion en Servicio Itayectsy Q es muy atenta y amable

  19. Rated 5

    Good attention and service, exceptional

  20. Rated 5

    Really good food good service

  21. Rated 5

    It was awsome

  22. Rated 5

    We enjoyed our breakfast. My eggs we done perfectly to my liking. Our server Jamison was attentive without being intrusive.

  23. Rated 5

    Tank you for all you do my food was delicious and the waiter was awesome.

  24. Rated 4

    Thank you for all you do.

  25. Rated 5

    Extremely busy but excellent waiter Jaime and gracious manager checked on us too One of the best Denny’s we have visited. Food was sooo good

  26. Rated 5

    The beginning was rough but Crystal made everything work like a well oiled machine. She absolutely saved the morning and was a spectacular server and cook. She went aboce and beyond, and just blew my families mind. We own a resturant of our own so we recognize a outstanding employee when we see one and she definitely fits the description!

  27. Rated 5

    Faith T has been my server the last few times I’ve been to Denny’s and she has done an above and amazing job at making sure I am taken care of. Very polite and attentive she makes the dining experience enjoyable from start to finish, I appreciate her quality customer service and will recommend her to anyone who dined in to this establishment.

  28. Rated 5

    Great service!

  29. Rated 5

    Great service! We’ve eat here at least once a week.

  30. Rated 5

    Me and my family have come in twice and had Jennifer T as our server and bartender. She does such a great job. She’s always seems happy to see all her customers and you can tell alot of people come in just to see her. Great food and great drinks.

  31. Rated 1

    Server Elvia brought half the order and we had to wait over an hour for the rest of order. When food was brought it was cold.

  32. Rated 5

    Lisa was super nice and funny! Great service.

  33. Rated 5

    After football game. Very busy.
    Everyone was nice. My server made fresh coffee for me.

  34. Rated 5

    This food is great and i like shakes

  35. Rated 3

    The server was amazing! He was friendly, fast and exceeded all expectations. However we our extra side of bacon was burnt and so were all of our chicken tenders. The hash browns were raw also. The cook was obviously not worried at all about the food being edible. Our bill with tip (20% because server earned it) was $50 and we were only able to eat half of our food.

  36. Rated 3

    Service was not that good

  37. Rated 5


  38. Rated 3

    Surprised previous comment posted. My complaint is that when you get soup or salad with your dinner, it’s usually served so you have time to eat it before your main course arrives. Three times so far I’ve gotten my soup either with my main course – one time, got it after the main course was delivered.

  39. Rated 3

    Doesn’t do much good if your website doesn’t work properly. Kind of like the ‘help’ in Santa Cruz, CA.

  40. Rated 5

    Malin was a terrific waitress I was very satisfied with this visit !

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