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Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Help Kohl’s know how you feel about your recent purchase at Kohl’s and what can be improved in the future. You can use either Kohl’s receipt access code or Kohl’s in store survey code to take the survey. You may have something to share with Kohl’s, just leave your comments. Upon finishing the survey, you can get 10% off Coupons.

Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide

  • Visit Kohl’s customer satisfaction survey page

Kohl's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Choose a language you preferred from English and Spanish
  • Enter the 4-digit store number and access code located on the bottom of your survey invite and click ‘start survey’ to begin

Kohl's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Upon finishing the survey, you can get 10% off Coupons

About Kohl’s
Kohl’s is a family-focused, value-oriented, specialty department store offering quality exclusive and national brand merchandise to the customer in an environment that is convenient, friendly and exciting.

Reference Links

  1. Kohl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: kohls.com/survey
  2. Kohl’s Official Site: kohls.com

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Rating 2.736votes

  1. Rated 1

    I received a package yesterday, thinking that this would finish up my Christmas shopping and I could finally relax. The junior top had a HUGE SNAG RIGHT SMACK IN THE FRONT and the Vera Wang sweater was turned inside out and pitched in the bag like it was trash. WHY wouldn’t items be inspected before shipping? I’ve NEVER seen such a level of unprofessionaism especially from a big company. Now I have to go stand in the extremely long lines in your store to return it and hope I can find something else. I did ALOT of online shopping this year and had absolutely no problems except from Kohls. Extremely disappointed.

  2. Rated 1

    Dear Kohl’s,

    On December 3, 2017 I ordered a pair on London Blue Topaz 10k gold earrings online. This merchandise was expected to delivered on December 12, however by December 19 the earrings were not delivered. After a few minutes on the phone with a customer service rep, the CSR concluded the earrings will not make it prior to Christmas and the merchandise cannot be expedited. I was given full price credit, thanks.
    The bad news is that now I have to find a compatible earrings somewhere else and prior to Christmas night. Be advise, I really wanted to help Kohl’s, so I split my Christmas online shopping between Amazon, Kohl’s, and WalMart. I did received as scheduled my orders from Amazon and WalMart online, but Kohl’s failed, badly.
    I understand Kohl’s OMNI system is trying to compete with Amazon, however this sample shows me that you are years behind the competition and for this reason I will cancel my Kohl’s credit card and stay away from placing orders through Kohl’s online service.
    Best of luck,

  3. Rated 4

    My experience shopping today at Kohl’s was great, both at the register with Judy and at the jewelry counter, did not get her name. I brought my daughter yesterday and your cashier, Pat was very helpful also. Appreciate the discount coupons I receive too.

  4. Rated 2

    Called kohls customer service for help to see if they can apply a coupon that I received in the mail to a purchase that I made in store yesterday. No one was able to assist me, nobody knew what I was talking about. I was transferred 3 times and was on the phone for almost 30 minutes with no help.
    The first person I will transfer to within the rewards customer service department she did not understand what I was saying I had to repeat myself 5 or 6 times and she still didn’t understand me. I then ask to be transferred to somebody else who can assist me. With all the times that I was transferred I still had to repeat myself that the purchase was made in the store. it was a very frustrating call.

  5. Rated 5

    I wanted to do a phone survey but got cut off. I had a wonderful experience with supervisor Esteban who was so helpful and kind when there was a problem with my shipment address

  6. Rated 1

    Your online service is horrid!!! I will not continue to shop with your store. Call number 171201-087902. Associate Alex and supervisor Francis rude rude rude!!! Left me online from 10:00 pm until after 12:30 am!!! They left me on hold so that I couldn’t leave a review on the after call survey! FOR HOURS I waited!!! I am so upset with your company that I will not continue as your customer. I can go everywhere else!!!

  7. Rated 1

    I’m Very Disappointed On Receiving My Online Order, Which Was A Pair Of Journee Collection Lady Wide Calf Boots That Have Been WORN!!! The Box They Were Shipped In Was Taped Up. I’m Returning Them Back To The Store, I’ve Been A Loyal Customer And Would’ve Never Thought Something Like This Would Ship Out. It’s Frustrating When You Spend 62.49 And Expecting For Something NEW!!!!

  8. Rated 5

    The person that worked the cash register for my transaction was such a breath of fresh air.
    She was very kind and patient to the senior citizen that needed an issue resolved. She is a very genuine person. I do not take time to post comments – I’m very busy as we all are..however- in this case, if the world had more people like her, the world would be a better place. STORE #0136 ASSOCIATE NAME: HELEN

  9. Rated 5

    I went shop at lincolnwood, IL store number 0648,my experience with one of ur cashier by name Leo was excellent

  10. Rated 5

    Love the bayshore store. Your worker Charlene always helps me and when she’s on the register very good she is a pleasure thank you bay shore store I will be back

  11. Rated 5

    Omg I was in your store and a lovely girl, I asked her name Charlene helped me, she was so nice and very respectful and knew where everything was, thank you she is a lovely lady, who knows what she’s doing,I will be back as long she is there to help ❤

  12. Rated 5

    Kayla in Beauty at your Chesterfield location
    Was Very Kind, Helpful and Very Patient and deserves a reward from KOHLS for Great Customer Service.
    Nicole was Helpful also.
    At a different department
    Thank You

  13. Rated 5

    Your cashier named Tina did a superb job. She was friendly, efficient, and very helpful. My experience at kohl’s today was very pleasant and satisfying. I rate today was definitely a 5 star.

  14. Rated 1

    I received a email this am and there are a pair of shoes that was suppose to be on sale for 24.99 and if I would use a code I’d get 20% more off making them 19.99
    When I put them in my bag the original price came up I called customer service who was very rude and they told me they weren’t on sale. Like I was lying I really don’t understand why Kohls would do that almost like they are trying to catch you when you love something so much that you would pay anything. But I won’t pay anything I just want what Kohls advertised it for
    Feeling very upset that kohls does this

  15. Rated 1

    I am very angry at the treatment I received at store 0138 on Friday Sept.22nd. I went into store looking for wedding gift and saw a pressure cooker that had your sale price attached to front of it for the amount of $13.99.I did not see what regular price was.when I took to register the clerk wanted to know who put that tag on it. I told her it was on it when I picked it up. She found the price in the back and said I can’t let u have it at that price.making me feel like she thought I had done it. Then called another lady up there who precided to take the tag off and said we can’t give that to you for that price and picked it up and put back on shelf. not only was I inbearested because there were other customers in line I resent her inpliming. I changed it. The price should have been honored because that what it said. I have been kohls card holder for several years and. I can assure you I will get this card paid off this month and will close it. Linda Wireman 1219-253-7215

  16. Rated 1

    It won’t let me put my name in. With the experience I have had with kohls the last couple of days it doesn’t surprise me. I understand why Kohl’s is suffering with losing customers to other on line shopping sites. I had ordered an item from Kohl’s.com on the 16th of September, I bought it because it was exactly what I wanted at a very good price. I wanted faster shipping but it was not offered, although it was free shipping, so I decided to wait a week. Other sites I pay extra but I get my purchases in a couple of days. Anyway after waiting for the item, I received a email from Kohl’s that my item had shipped and would arrive on the 20th. Also got a email from UPS stating the same thing. On the morning of the 20th, I received another email from UPS stating my item would be delivered between 9:45 and 1:45 that day. At 1:00 that afternoon, it still not here, I checked UPS tracking and saw it said “exception”, sender request item be returned. I called kohls and was told they had not done this, so I call UPS and was told someone from Kohl’s had requested it back, but would not tell me who or why.I called kohls back and this time was told they had called it back, they needed to make sure it was me that had ordered the item. Well first, I think this should have been done prior to Shipping! Second, why wasn’t I informed about it being called back. So had to reorder the Item! Offered to pay for next day or 2 day shipping, was told I couldn’t get it. Then later that day I checked my kohls account and say I was being charged twice for the item, called the friendly staff at kohls again and found out that indeed I was being charged twice, a refund had not been issued for the first one, so the kind lady issued me a refund, would take 7 to 10 days to get my money back, that they took in 2 Seconds! Later that evening, pissed as hell, I chatted with a gentleman named Jeff on line. He apologized for everything and looked to see what he could do, then stated nothing could be done. I thanked him and went on. Later that night I got a email from Kohl’s stating my item had shipped and would be delivered on the 22nd. Also got email from UPS stating the same. No wait it gets Better! On the 21st about 11:00 am I checked UPS site and I see “exception” Again! So I called UPS and was told it was being held by them because the value of the item exceeded their limit, I paid less than $300.00 for it, they said someone from Kohl’s would have to call them before it would be released for delivery. I call the friendly staff at Kohl’s again and explained to the lady that answered what was going on and what UPS said, she said that UPS didn’t have the item, that it had not been shipped yet, and that if I didn’t recieve it by the 28th to call back then and Kohl’s would look into then. I asked to speak to someone else was told Noone else could help. I called UPS back, they stated they did have it, it was half way between where it was picked up and me. I explained to them what Kohl’s said, I was put on hold a couple of minutes, then told it would be delivered on the 22nd. Guess what, now it will be the 25th, if I get it then. I now understand why amazon quite using UPS! Also I understand why Kohl’s is suffering so. I for one will “NEVER”shop at kohl.com or Kohl’s store again!

  17. Rated 5

    The service is wonderful.We had a good check out person.Her name is Suzanne.She was very helpful and nice.Khols is a really nice store to go to.

  18. Rated 1

    I was trying to get more information on
    “Were” my item (9203441507) was delivered, because your email stated that it was delivered on Aug. 4 2017 at 11:00 am . I cannot understand why if I was home until 1:00 pm that day before I left to work. I call customer service, but the representative that answers the phone was impolite and rude. I was asking her for someone else, but she continued asking the same question as we started and Not telling me were is my item went. That the reason I telling you that
    Your customer service are awful on retreating information from your customers . I will not shop online or call customer service, because of this reason. As soon you received my last payment I will closed the account.

  19. Rated 5

    Sam Duty at KOHLS on HAVANA was the best, knew exactly what I wanted, thanks so much Sam…

  20. Rated 1

    My latest experience w kohl’s sucked so bad and I may have been too vocal about my distaste at the register that the cashier “forgot to give me my survey. Anyhow; D’iberville store in Mississippi truly sucks. It used to be my favorite but I am not going back. Wish I could rate no stars

  21. Rated 3

    Store 457 need new music on here play list please

  22. Rated 5

    The Cary Crossroads location off of Walnut street is amazing, especially MEERA she’s an amazing employee. She is so helpful, and she really explains everything great. She also was able to help me inform my friend about a Kohl’s charge card, she really sold that product!

  23. Rated 5

    The Durham location (address# 5241) is wonderful. Everyone is so helpful and makes sure that I’m enjoying my shopping experience. ANNE, in particular always leaves me with a smile on my face! Thanks Kohl’s !

  24. Rated 1

    I am totally unhappy with the response given when half of an order was never received. It has been a month and I still have not received credit for the item!

  25. Rated 1

    Your website stinks. I ordered a Bluetooth speaker after I changed the address to my address and placed order, it changed the address back to my mom’s address. So, I called customer service instead of changing the address they cancelled the order. I lost out on the speaker because I had to try and order again. SOLD OUT. Thanks. Going to be a while before I order anything else from Kohls.

  26. Rated 4

    I had a very good experience.

  27. Rated 1

    I made an online purchase on 4/1/17 I received an Email that my pkg was shipped and would receive between the 6th & 11th through Fed x. I put in my phone number so that they could let me know when the pkg was delivered. I received a text from Fed X today saying my pkg was delivered & I did not receive. When I called them they said they did not have my pkg that it was given to the US Postal service. I called them & they had no record of the pkg. I called the store and they suggested I call Kohls.com. The first associate I got from there hung up on me. The next time the girl could not tell me anything except to wait until after the 13th and if I did not have it by then call back and fill out a claim. This is very frustrating to me and feel you should have a better system especially after I get a text telling me it was delivered. I have ordered 2 since this from Target and my pkg was here within 3 days no problems. Thanks for listening.

  28. Rated 1

    I just came from your store the cashier was so rude before I show her my coupon,when she saw the 30/ she starts blowing air as if she z peeling part of her skin, she didn’t gave me the piece of paper where I can scan to make the survey and just left the register, so sick and retarded mentally this is the 4/9/17at 2:46pm id#999959082855349998886932709 hope that will help,I think store 0011 west land, mi

  29. Rated 5

    Tammy was very helpful.

  30. Rated 1

    Very poor customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered a package online to come before Christmas that never appeared to my house. I was very disappointed and the customer service didn’t care. I called and emailed several times about this issue and Kohls took their precious time and just gave me my refund back since December 2016, which took almost three months. I use to be a valuable customer to Kohl’s but now I don’t feel the same way about this company anymore. I also contacted the CEO via email about this issue and it seems the same way (doesn’t care). I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone.

  31. Rated 1

    Very very disgusted with the online customer support. My boyfriend and I were going to purchase my engagement ring because it was just such a great deal especially with the discount. Idk how many people I talked to within the last 2 days, no one was on the same page whenever I called back, I was told I could use discounts then I couldn’t, I was told I could use a different card with the discount then I couldn’t….. I am out on back surgery and the amount of frustration and stress that this phone calls came me was beyond not okay. Not only did I not get my engagement ring but now I will NOT shop online and but had my nana spend 4 hours on the phone dealing with the same situation…. loosing two good customers.

  32. Rated 1

    Defective item that sound have gotten through quality control I spotted it before even opening the packaging long time shipping they have no idea what there doing apperantly

  33. Rated 1

    I had a $5 coupon & also a % off coupon . l found boots but felt ill & left the store. The next day l returned to purchase them & was told coupon expired previous day & they would NOT honor it! I also returned a gift & was given a Kohls cash that expired in two weeks. I was unable to find anything l wanted in that period of time. I have started to shop at other more cust omer friendly stores . Old merchandise isn’t marked down in a timely manner the selection has shrunk. There are very few dresses & the ones you have are skimpy & sleeveless! The manager greets people constantly but these smiles do not make up for deficiencies and poor customer service! My local Kohls is almost empty on weekdays and you are closing stores. Please act on your customer’s suggestions if you want to stay in business!

  34. Rated 5

    I had three EXTREMELY WONDERFUL experiences at the Kohls in Hamilton, New Jersey. I had $50 in Kohls cash and decided to buy a new perfume. Ashley in the jewelry and perfume department was wonderful. I told her my fragrance profile and she led me to two perfumes. I actually ended up buying both. One that day and one with my “Yes to You Rewards”. She’s definitely a keeper. The other experience I had was with a woman in bedding and bath. I purchased 4 Serta 2 in 1 pillows which were on clearance and I wanted to get 2 more, I called the store and she put 2 aside for me at Customer Service. My mother wanted one, so low and behold, I call the store again and get the same woman. I don’t remember her name but she put yet another pillow at Customer Service for me. One time I had a bunch of merchandise to return and the lady at the counter was AMAZING! Whatever you are doing, you are doing right at this store! Wonderful, helpful people!

  35. Rated 1

    The worse customer service ever. I won’t ever give them my service or recommend no one to shop there.

  36. Rated 1

    I placed an online order for flannel sheets and was sent a wrong color. You brag about “hassel-free” returns but exchanging my sheets for the correct color has been anything BUT hassel-free! First, the Rogers, MN store would not do the return. Then your Chat wouldn’t do the reorder. And when I called, I did NOT get my new sheets at the same price and used my new Kohls cash towards the purchase. This whole experience has been very maddening to say the least, especially since the mistake was Kohls, not mine! I have become very disillusioned with Kohls!

  37. says:

    I was at the Parker Colorado store on 1/24 and was trying to find someone to help me, no one was around. I spotted a young lady and asked her where I could find the ladies socks. I asked the young lady and she walked me over to the socks, I asked for her name as she wasn’t even wearing a name tag. She said her name was Blair and she didn’t even work there, but used to and didn’t mind helping me.
    You need to bring that young lady back on your department as she was such a nice young woman.

  38. says:

    I just finished a Chat with …not sure of spelling…..Yashimar R. He was very helpful. There was suppose to be a survey at the end, but unless I cancelled too soon I didn’t get one. He looked into a purchase I made & paid with a merchandise credit so I did not get the rewards because I did not use my Kohls card. He was very helpful. I love the online chat…it is better than waiting for an email 2 days later.

  39. says:

    Jill an Scott are at store 1081 Medford Oregon

  40. says:

    I had great customer service from Jill and Scott today.Jill went beyond kind and patient with me for an online store order.Most pleasant young lady she made my day!!

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