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Verizon Wireless Customer Survey

How do you like your visit at Verizon Wireless? What do you think their service and products? Does the products satisfy your need? Thank you for taking the Guest Feedback. They are interested in your feedback. Your opinions will be kept anonymous and confidential. Share your feedback and suggestions with Verizon Wireless now.

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 Verizon Wireless Customer Survey

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About Verizon Wireless
Verizon Wireless is the second-largest mobile network operator in the United States. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, the company is a joint venture of American telecommunications firm Verizon Communications and UK-based Vodafone.

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  1. Rated 1

    I have had a Verizon account for only 2 months. The only reason why a moved to Verizon was for their International Calls package. This was set incorrectly when I bought the phone, so I have been calling Customer Service many many times trying to fix it and avoid all the charges for international calls. Every time Customer Service tells me that it is fix, and then the problem appears again, last time, the rep actually insinuated that I was lying about purchasing the package at the moment I got the phone (!!!??). Now the phone does not work. It is a piece of garbage!!, only shows a start up failure screen. Spend hours at the store and nobody can fix it. Unfortunately the phone is cracked on the back, and they want to charge me $290 to fix it.. more than the cost of the phone!!! when I asked for other options, they wanted to give me the number of the manufacturer, so I could “see” if maybe they could fix it.
    I made a big mistake changing my carrier for Verizon. It is the WORST service I have ever had

  2. Rated 1

    I have (3) phones on my account. I simply want to check status on those units. I’ve asked for my password, changed my password, and then asked for a billing password. If i knew my passwords, I wouldn’t be send this!

  3. Rated 3

    Even though and by experience Verizon is the best coverage, I would like to know why you keep ha ing to raise prices. It’s not like the customer is already paying more for the coverage than any other wireless carrier charges. You finally have 1 price for warranty as 1 price for all devices but it hasn’t even been a year and you raise the price of it already. The price we alrwafy pay for coverage is enough to pay for warranty. Not right for you to constantly raise the prises. The prices of everything else is finally coming down since gas prices have been down but you constantly raise your cost. It’s not a small increase either. It’s like everyone else. You get MONEY HUNGRY. When we are already paying for the phone and under the 2 year contract for that phone for you to charge us more to replace it. Not sure why we are paying to replace something we are still paying for. Same as if you were to go in any store and buy a product. If it needs repair you don’t pay extra for the store to exchange it. If we pay for the product we shouldn’t have to be paying more to have it replaced. We are defiantly paying enough alrwady.

  4. Rated 1

    Liers and cheats stay away even there spokes man left for a better company and my real rating would be no stars but u have to give them one to make them feel important

  5. Rated 1

    Went into Verizon store in the Spokane Valley mall to make a 300.00 payment on my granddaughters phone and 406.20 was charged to my debt card. I questioned the receipt and your employee told me it was correct (he lied). I returned to the store as soon as I checked my bank account when I arrived he was putting on a screen saver and expected me to wait. Then a second employee who said he was a manager started helping me he was on hold for a good 20 minuets and needless to say I was very upset and he threatened to call security. And I was told if I receive any over draft fees they are not responsible.

  6. Rated 1

    I was with Verizon for 4 years and 2 months. I joined Verizon because my daughter wanted a IPhone. We were with T-Mobile, but the phone was cheaper with Verizon so I switched . My two daughters are adopted. I did everything for them. I raised them 70 percent by myself because was ex husband was gone. My first daughter participated in the junior olympiques. My second daughter won silver for in all East African games . My first daughter is doing her masters in McGill university in Canada graduating in May. My second daughter is doing her bachelors in business management from Usf. Every single homework they ever did I was done by me or tutor for algebra i hired, every single doctors visit, i cooked 6 days a week.I made 5 trips to school everyday day. They never missed a single day of school their whole lives. I got divorced from my husband. He is coward. He is using the children to fight me. I called Verizon and told someone that I am a abused woman. I never received any help from Verizon. My accounts with Verizon were not protected by Verizon. I always paid in time. I close my account last month because I believe that my accounts were not secured with Verizon.

  7. Rated 5

    Today I needed some help with multiple issues; when I called the customer support I talked to this man and he was the ABSOLUTE BEST ever!!! He helped me resolve everything I had issues with. Instead of telling me what I can’t do he told me what I can do & also he explained everything perfectly!!!

  8. Rated 1

    The cellular service is great but the store I went to is absolute trash. I have been lied to and don’t know what to believe. I let the issue with the store go by but then I added a flip phone on my account for my grandma and your rep said he would waive the activation but didn’t for some reason there is also an upgrade fee on my account but I didn’t upgrade a phone and I’m also not receiving my buy one get one free credits for the note 8s on my account I bragged on verizon for the first month I had it but now I’m having doubts and thinking of just purchasing the phones and cutting my losses

  9. Rated 5

    I just want to say Ricardo Blake tech support did a great job. on fixing my wifi problem
    This man has the voice of authority.I am so grateful I got him to help with my problem. because of him. The Problem is resolved.I give him a 1000 rating. Please tell him that.

  10. Rated 1

    I used to be a proud Verizon wireless customer. But lately the following occurrences have dishearteningly very rampant:

    -Unbelievably long call wait times from about 30 mins to almost 3 hours.
    -Poor communication.
    -Very nonchalant, sometimes helpless associates at their service centers.
    -Incomprehensiblely expensive service without seeing any much difference from the other carriers.

    I guess this provider sits up or does a shake up in the manner in which it operates only after it has lost a chunk of its customers to the other providers. I am strongly contemplating crossing over to T-Mobile.

  11. Rated 1

    Verizon es una compañía que roba el dinero. He estado con ellos 2 años y lamento haberme movido con esta compañía, tienen muchos cargos que esconden, dice una cosa y hace otra, moví a toda mi familia con ellos (5), que gran desepcion que FCC no hecho nada ha está compañía corrupta.

  12. Rated 1

    Network seems to getting worse. Dropped calls constant loading. Changing networks

  13. Rated 1

    Verizon’s buy one get one free iPhone 8 is a joke! I have to add a new line to get this promotion? Can it be waived? It’s just me and my wife and I have to add a new line!?!?!

  14. Rated 5

    Great Service

  15. Rated 5

    Left Home yesterday to upgrade my husband’s phone from a 6+ to an 8+. Were greeted at the store in Blackwood NJ (store #4687) by two fantastic employees, Mercedez and Ricky. We ended up leaving with 2 iPhone X, wireless chargers, a tablet, wireless earphones, phone covers. They were not busy but spent hours transferring our info and explaining so much to us. I’ve been to many Verizon stores over the years and have always dreaded it because so many of the employees can be quite rude. These two are a credit to your organization and should be applauded for their kindness. While there it was snowing and Ricky actually went outside and shoveled the walk, then ran to get salt so “a customer won’t slip on the ice” very rare people indeed. If I were to start a business I would grab these two from you. They are rarities in today’s world. God bless them both.

  16. Rated 1

    Verizon wireless are a bunch of lies they change your plan and never tell you there going to charge you a nother mouth in Advance and told me I would just get a 7 dollar charge for a proratian this is not the first time boy was i stuppid they charge me for a tablet and told me to pay a 150 buck for it and i w ould ow n it that was a lie 3 mouth latter i find out the y put me in a contract i told them i could have went to walmart and bought on out right if I new that the store in lake land Florida lie my name is James I have been w it Verizon for a long time and I’m over there crap I would tell anyone your crazy if you go with them your crazy

  17. Rated 1

    Not happy with Verizon all they do is lie to you north 98 north Lakeland fl is a joke I’m about tired of there crap

  18. Rated 1

    The new Verizon guy is an annoying ass.

  19. Rated 1

    Sonny Boy Necor is a problem for any USA corp customer, you know the one’s that pay your salary?
    This Verizon Customer Care rep HA! should be shown the door back to the Philippines.
    make America great again.

  20. Rated 1

    Went to the Verizon store located in matamoras Pennsylvania to either exchange or get refunded for a cell phone case that was the wrong model for my phone. I ended up receiving my refund but dealt with an unpleasant woman who was not customer friendly at all and have me an attitude when I asked about replacing a glass screen cover that broke . Didn’t smile, wasn’t friendly, definitely the worse customer experience I have ever received at a Verizon store. I’m happy to receive my refund and accepted that I would have to purchase a glass protector for the screen but did not appreciate the rudeness I inquired

  21. Rated 1

    Do not go into Victra?Verizon Store, in Fairfield, Ca. for any phone needs. They are crooks! I would rate them zero stars. Maricio did not give me any money for my trade in phone 6 plus. He told me if I wanted to increase my phone memory, I could only upgrade to a 7 plus? When i found out about the 8 plus, which he didn’t have in his store, he wouldn’t let me trade it in, without charging me a restocking fee! I haven’t even left the store!!!! He said I couldn’t order me it, within the two week return policy mark anyways. He was rude and dishonest!!!

  22. Rated 1

    When I did a Verizon update as requested it messed up my phone totally the print is smaller the icons are smaller the setup is different I hate it I would like to put things back the way they were but I don’t know how

  23. Rated 2

    IF you enter into a contract with the DISGUSTING and UNAMERICAN NFL, I will have NO CHOICE but to discontinue my Verizon service! Make NO MISTAKE, this is an “action against interest,” YOUR business interest, as you’d be both foolish and stupid to think I’m the only subscriber that feels this strongly!!

  24. Rated 5

    I’ve never had problems getting text messages or calls with this company, internet is very fast and today I called verizon customer service and spoke to one of the customer service personnel his name was (Z)Sunil and he was very sweet and helpful, out of all the customer service personnel I’ve talked to he has been by far the best, I wanted to talk to one of the managers to let him/her know about his great work but unfortunately they were not around at the moment hope you all read this, thank you !!,

  25. Rated 5

    I talked with one of your best representives today. She helped me with my pin number, paying my bill,and got me a better plan. I really thankful for her help. Someone left a message about a survey but the number 8663740089 was Direct Tv. So this why I am writing this message because your representive was so good to us. THANK YOU AGAIN.

  26. Rated 2

    I bought an iPhone SE while on a visit to New Jersey, for use while in the USA and was informed by the service personnel that all phones now come UNLOCKED in the USA- since I planned to use it back home in Singapore, later. Unfortunately it was prepaid card type and while the phone price was reasonable it did not work on other SIM cards back home in Singapore

    The problems I faced was in trying to get customer service support when I called up Verizon contacts as listed ( although Apple care was very efficient and provided information from their end) I tried calling a few numbers and every time got the same voice machine answering and while I wanted to get some information on how I could unlock my phone from abroad, the system just loops around the fact that my card needed to be topped up so I can use it and could not address my issues. All I wanted was to speak to a customer service staff but I guess their time is so valuable I ended up talking to the machine and spending some good money on those calls- without achieving anything.
    I finally got someone who then redirected me to the prepaid Verizon department and he concluded that the phone I bought from Verizon was useless outside the USA as it was a locked phone as part of Verizon’s package.
    What upsets me most is that I was unable to get to talk to a person soon enough ( as that clarified things in about 2 minutes), and hope the automated virtual response system can offer a quick bypass to speak with a customer service staff- when one needs to explain I am calling from Singapore and spent some good money on unnecessary phone time – without getting answers to my problems.
    No doubt – this problem would be unique to overseas callers trying to get in touch with Verizon from abroad but this should be looked into.

    Dr Saw Chit Aung

  27. Rated 5

    I had a outside phone wire fixed the repair technician was wonderful it was Nov 3 2017 I live at 26 Prospect St canton ma… Nancy Sweeney

  28. Rated 1

    Verizon if you are the best carrier the competition must be really terrible. I am not impressed at all. Customer service is not your problem customer retention is.You have to do a better job. The network is not that great. I have a brand new device and still get poor connection. I’m seriously considering paying off my agreement and taking my business elsewhere.

  29. Rated 1

    Hello I’m very upset I pay 84$ for unlimited data plan now I can’t use my hotspot what is that?! You are about to lose a customer you plan is good but I need my hotsopt for school work now I can’t do it disappointed

  30. Rated 5

    It is still out on how well iPhone will work. Courtney Turner was outstanding as a sales person. So helpful in setting phone up and follow up. Jon Townsley was also very helpful on another visit. They were both at Westchester Drive office. Need more rep.like these. Very professional, patient, and caring .

  31. Rated 1

    I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 8 new,it stopped working in it’S own in a month and instead of sending me a new phone for this huge payment I just signed up for, they send me a “like new” phone!
    I get this phone and it is glitches! Turns off an on constantly until the battery runs down. I am anot RN in home health and need my phone to work.
    I HAVE spent 2 DAYS on the phone with several different customer reps. I chatted with 3 different tech coaches, Shawn, Drew, Nekeyah.
    I spoke to a Johnny and he promised me to upgrade me to a Note 8, transferred me to a Marlow and he did not put in notes what he told me and did not send request. They have lied to me for 2 days!!!!! Marlow then gave me a number to call that ended up being ESPN….what?
    I spoke to a Shannon today who was supposed to listen to the recording with her boss where the guy promised me a free upgrade. She promised to call me back at 11:40 my time…that never happened, she lied to. I called back to speak with her, they saw she put in her note that she attempted to call me and left voicemail. THAT WAS ALSO A LIE!!!! MY PHONE WAS WITH ME ALL DAY, NO MISSED CALL, NO VOICEMAIL.
    So, I called back about 5 more times and they said they sent her and her boss emails and messages to call me. No call back. I’m so done with this company. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU RUN A BUSINESS BASED ON LIES!!!!! IF YOU TELL SOMEONE YOU WILL CALL THEM, THEN CALL THEM.

  32. Rated 1

    BEWARE of Verizon Wireless they are scam artists and Fraudulent Business. All the other carriers are far better. DONT USE VERIZON

  33. Rated 1

    Verizon Wireless is turning into a business that scams their customers and dont care about customer service and reps are being trained to lie. I cant wait it wont be long they will be out of business and all their little liers will be unemployed because nobody will hire any Verizon employees. Verizon Wireless customers BEWARE BEWARE.

  34. Rated 5

    Verizon store/Hamilton Dublin Granville Rd/ awesome store/Rachel & Dan so professional/ caring/patient/make it so easy to make changes/they take the time up until 9pm Friday nite to complete transaction. Whomever hired Rachel & Dan should be promoted/ Rachel & Dan are amazing!! Thank you.

  35. Rated 1

    Horrible customer service. I signed up for a promotion in April of 2017. It’s October now and after multiple calls that lasted hours, I’m finally receiving my promotion. No one at this company knows what they are doing. Completely clueless and appalled how they even have jobs.

  36. Rated 1

    Verizon is horrible. I switched from AT&T because you guys told me the service was so much better. LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES! I barley get service. I want to switch back to AT&T bad. Trust me no one switch to Verizon. This company is shit.

  37. Rated 5

    Had issues with our data this week and called in to discuss the issue. Delphi was kind and patient and helped us work the issue out.thank you for lowering my level of stress right before and international trip.

  38. Rated 1

    Ordered a phone for my daughter as a gift. They called her when it arrived in the store. I would have liked to be the one who told her. When I ordered the phone I told them it was a gift for her. I returned the phone and I will not be going back.

  39. Rated 1

    Verizon sucks ~ lazy customer service people and your company is reverse racist against hiring white people ~ all I ever get on the phone are black people Asians or Hispanics ! ~ Affirmative action run amuck in America all based on spineless ceos and donors who are promoting a globalist agenda of multiculturalism and socialism!

    Widget Socialism to ruin the middle class and create a bunch of amoeba have

    immigrants pouring into industrialized countries while ruining the entire middle class and creating more welfare state run big government! Bravo Verizon

  40. Rated 1

    Your company is arrogant and they will lose money for purposely throttling down peoples internet speeds and then trying to hide it

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